Shock Records HIP 006. Released early 1995 on The Hypnotized Label (Shock)

Recorded in 1994 by Wayne Connolly at Paradise in Sydney.

Remastered in 2014 by Bryce Moorhead and released on Vinyl and expanded digital editions by Poison City Records, Melbourne.


Fill Yourself With Music


Our 3rd album from 1995. Re mastered with loving care. Available on black or white vinyl, or on original CD from the 90s.

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CD, Vinyl






Lost in the Snow

It didn’t hurt / we kept right on playing / we hadn’t heard the faithful praying / with all we had it didn’t seem to matter / the news was bad / the future badder / falling into a hole was pointless and just wrong / we only wish you what it takes to get along / it didn’t rain / skies didn’t open / the world spun on / angels were hoping / it didn’t hurt / it was a lesson / snowing on dirt / you were a blessing / you lost your vision and forgot your golden star / and when it did rain they weren’t tears for you at all / you kept it from us you were losing it / the angels watching over you just let you slip away so painlessly / they were the only ones who knew / now the snow has frozen up both your cities / the angels disappeared from view / they left before we could have owned them / like they had nothing left to do

My Dad’s Hands

Temperature’s low / check my pulse / just found out that my fingers come from someone else / my cover is blown / I’ve been shown my moves / I feel the results of things I’ve yet to do / I realised I’ve got my dad’s hands / if I look back and calculate / I can work out which feeling was the bad trait / but I don’t mind what he might have done wrong / because I can’t help but repeat what he’s done / the mold is taking hold / the picture’s drying / at three and a half I could only stare / I knew for sure what I was loving there / I don’t know if I love it now that it’s here / but I’m trying

Sweet Little Oranges

Just like a flaming lip / enough spit would extinguish it / I feel its gentle fit / I’ll burn my hand a bit and I won’t change / I can’t retune my own preset personal frequencies / don’t need to reduce any of my inadequacies / I won’t respond to your accusations of negligence / I can’t relate to pretensions of non-intelligence / they burn a hole in me / found my insecurities / they’ve got a minute hand / I’ve got a grain of sand and all the power it holds / but I can’t release the energy for an eternal flame / the box of matches inside me has gotten wet again / they warm me up in little bursts each time a spark is thrown / and when the whole box caches light then I will burn alone / it is a recipe between a clenched up fist and sweet little oranges / it is a precipice / it is a hand to kiss and mine are flaming lips

Bad Time to be Leaving Town

Can’t rearrange at all / I move the lamp against the poster on the wall / these little words mean things I can’t recall / they echo down the hall / one by one my defenses go down / you picked a bad time to be leaving town / roads are closed to vehicles going west / information isn’t flowing the best / these small words they seem to be a test / hope I can guess the rest / never bothered to pretend I knew / now I’m relying on them to get me through / highway lights burn out and fall leaving dark holes formed / found my life was just a cold and closed off road / lines are torn severing words from lips I can no longer warm / I try to kid myself that I can make it home / can’t recreate at all / communication is impossible / these small words are all I can recall / can’t kid myself I will survive at all


I’m going home I’m alone and I’m cold / I’d telephone but my call would be placed on hold / I’ve taken all I need for all my short term ends / never wanted to disregard or be distant from my friends / I know I’m being silly and I know I’m playing games / they make the clear picture fuzzy again / I know I fail in your view but it ain’t up to you / some games I can and some I cannot do


To the kitchen so I can leave the room / standing with the fridge light on / I don’t move around with ease no more / but you don’t mope around alone / seems I don’t listen to a word you say / leaving conversations dumb / but I pick up on each and every way we find to leave each other numb / we traveled to this place called nowhere it took so long to get this far / with all the signs we saw and all the wise words that we heard we only learned to grow apart / now only when I try to talk to you it seems you only want to try / but with all your chances gone / all the words that I can give ain’t enough to get you by

Fill Yourself with Music

Fill yourself with music let the good vibrations flow / if you ain’t heard the message then there’s something you should know / cos’ there’s guys to make you cry they start with e and b and m / and girls who’ll twist your world and you will be grateful to them / fill yourself with music! / fill yourself with song let the music do the rest / elation to depression / extreme emotions are the best / my baby’s gone away / I can’t get by without her around / just turn it up and drown myself in sound / fill yourself! / walk out in the sunshine let it fill you up with light / and curl up with your radio to make it through the night / there’s special songs for everyone to make you feel alright / they open up your heart and bring your pain to the light

Who’s Counting?

Put out the rubbish today / there’s a lot of things that I just can’t say / all of them wanting to be heard / most of them choking on a word / it’s a call that I can’t respond / since most of what I’ve said is at best half right / it’s all half wrong / facts are burnt but they’re not gone / they remain but I can’t explain you one / can’t pertain to one / walked down my street today / there’s a lot of cars parked in the way / reminds me of words that don’t make my mouth / I find I prefer not to talk it out / so our conversation’s lame / but who’s counting the ways we can be inane? / they’re all the same / but we drag them out again / can’t react / it’s a trap and it’s a game / there are cracks I can’t explain / got cracks I can’t explain / filled up a box today / with all the things I managed not to say / they can’t stay / because they’re no help / can’t throw them away all by myself / because they are cracks I could not foretell / I’m tracing them straight back to hell

Made of Stone

I have slept and I’m ok / a little more like you each day / you don’t phone and I don’t write / made of stone we do alright / I had dreamt that I was cracked / saw two statues interact / I was cold I couldn’t feel / I’m warming to your heart of steel / I awoke I too was clay / little fragments fall away / break my bones and I won’t fight / made of stone / we do alright

Three Way Punishment

Lines get crossed / connections fuse / messages lost / carriers abused / when the dark comes and you’re frightened / you need a well adjusted friend / because the guilt that you grew up with / you will carry until the end / it will bring you to your end / lines are broke / connections gone / we still have ropes / to drag along / when the causes are forgotten and circuits they are blown / they’re not secrets they’re just problems that you’ve never shown / too late to come unsewn / anger born from repression learned at home / fear taught – there’s no cure for being alone / love was wrong / self expression it was restrained / thought that was gone / ’till my best friend went insane / can I make a call? can’t make it back / emotions are mauled and burnt to black / when relations get mangled / confidence is a chore / it’s derision yeah makes me angry / to think somehow it’s my fault / what’s religion? what’s forbidden? / it’s a pit in which you crawl / it’s the room where you were born

Become Undone

And all my colours have run / my knots have slipped and come undone / my foot is caught / I have fought / I’ve been told / but I’m not taught / I’ve been sold but I’m not bought / and all my pieces have come apart / the sentence stops / before it starts / too tough to bend too late to mend / I can joke but can’t pretend that I won’t be broken until the end / and all I’m hoping is you’re still my friend

Lost all Trace

I used to satisfy your moods / I walked a thousand miles in shoes that you slipped on my feet / and upon the road of pain / I never felt your presence gain / but memories they don’t sleep / if you look upon with loss i’ll search my pockets to retrieve the cost / and if your feelings turned to stone / I’d dig an early grave for a place I could call my own / I’ve lost all trace of home / I set a question on betrayal / hope the answer’s in the mail for the fate that awaits me / it could have rectified the tune / presented futures on a spoon / but the mailman didn’t save me / when I see your options prosper i’ll search to see how much it cost you / I got your postcard from LA / I lit a cigarette and watched the black and white turn grey as it burned in the ashtray