SCREAMFEEDER .. about a boy .. (called Dean)

June 9, 2005

So, we’ve been busy! Just when you thought we’d finally decide to slacken off and go down the pub for a change.

We are playing a show in Brisbane at The Zoo, with a UK band called Black Nielson, on Thursday 23rd June. It’s our first gig in ages, and we’ll be doing all our new songs!

We have a NEW 7 TRACK EP being released on the 4th of July. [there’s something in that.. haven’t worked out what yet..] the EP is called DELUSIONS OF GRANDCHILDREN and features 5 new songs, a cover, an instrumental, and some dogs barking.

Dean came up with the title. It’s a classic example of what we call a “dean-ism”.

Check out the site for more info: there’s lots of info about the EP, lyrics, pics of Dean, everything.

We will be touring in JULY! Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It’s been way too long, and we’re all gagging to get back out and do some playing.  We’ll send out the exact details when we have them.. soon.  Dean will be coming along (..couldn’t think of anything, sorry).

We’re off to Japan in September, for the first time. It’s pretty exciting stuff, Dean went there last December and in between massive saki sessions and shopping trips managed to take in quite a lot of the place, he reckons it rocks.

We just shot a video for one of the EP songs “Blue” which will be finished within 2 weeks from now, on the site, on the telly, everywhere. It’s gonna look great, the guys at rumblevision know what they’re doing ..kinda. They did the new Pictures clip you mighta seen already.

Dean said “I don’t want to be actually playing in the clip” [he’s over “performance clips”] – and we said OK sure. The night before we filmed we put in the call “Dude, remember to bring your drum kit”.

That’s about it for now.

Be in touch y’hear? ***T/K/D feeder***

Screamfeeder are back

February 14, 2005

Well it’s been a long time between drinks here at camp ‘feeder! (Yeah right, as if!) – a long time between mailouts anyway. How are you all?

In case you’re wondering where we’ve been.. A bit of news:

We play here in Brisbane this Thursday at The Rev with Rational academy, Denvar and Novi Split (US).

We are recording a NEW EP next week! We’ve been going through all our practice room tapes and saving the best bits. We have a handful of new songs we’re really excited about and will commit them to hard drive at Zero Interference studios in scenic Bowen Hills bright and early next Monday morning. Hopefully we’ll play a couple of the new songs on thursday night.

We have been supa busy doing lots of things – Tim’s solo album is all finished, finally, and will be released just as soon as someone pays him enough money for it.

Tim and Dean’s other band THE WHATS are supporting both Holly Golightly and The Violent Femmes in March and have an album 2/3 recorded.

Our Christmas screamfeeder wine is all gone. it was a roaring success, and we will definitely be doing it again next year. We had customers as far as France and the US (France – the wine capital of the world!) and plenty of punters around this country getting into the spirit of things over the holiday season. Either that or shelving it for posterity, as if it’s gonna get valuable with age or something..

We printed up too many stickers for the amount of bottles we had, so we can send you a couple if you order anything via the site and you can stick em on your VB tallies, or your kids’ milk bottles, or your chest, or something hilarious like that!

You know where to find us..

*tim/dean/kellie screamfeeder*

Team feeder at the screwbadour / screamfeeder at the wine club!

November 25, 2004

Get liquored up with the ‘feeder this Christmas!

So, Kellie works at a winery – yes we’ve heard all the smart quips under the sun – she actually doesn’t mind a small drop of wine now and then, but that’s beside the point. We hit upon the idea of offering an exclusive SCREAMFEEDER issue Cabernet Sauvignon for a special Christmas merch treat!

Kellie got her mits on a very tasty top shelf 2002 Cab Sav and we are in the process of getting it bottled and labelled. It’s a really lovely wine, according to the expert (Kel) and it’s going to be a very limited edition, as well as a definite one off. I say get your “requests” in now for this one – it won’t last long!!

Check the site for info –, or just e mail us back if you’d like to get in on the action.

**We are also offering a few other hot “special” merch deals for Christmas. Cheap cds, shirts, signed posters, all that stuff.

Screamfeeder to rock local gin joint.

December 10th sees us team up with Sekiden (it’ll be only their second Brisbane show for the whole year) and do one last one at the Troubadour for the year. Say goodbye to the year in style with your favourite bands, singing all your favourite songs! Warming up the boards will be Lancaster. Get in early, our last coupla Troub’ shows have been pretty crowded.

Check the site for this gig, and others.

Triple Distilled.

There will be less of us, but we will be trying extra hard [as always] from now on. Our beloved Darek has moved on to rock full time with Intercooler (5 figure deal rumoured). Inside sources inform us that he “couldn’t handle the pace” after our whirlwind world tour earlier this year. Intercooler – known straight edge, early to bed dudes – will suit him better. [Only kidding].

We wish him and the ‘cooler all the best. [But be sure to yell ‘feeder song titles at him at Intercooler shows!] The new / old line up has already started rehearsing songs for our next album.

See you all up at the bar – mine’s a large voddy.


The message is very plain

October 8, 2004

A quick one, from all at Screamfeeder HQ: Let’s vote Howard out this weekend.

We’ll buy you all a drink, personally, if we manage this. [get your orders in]

Screamfeeder are home from tour, preparing to write some new material.

We have our cool TOUR T shirts for sale at the site right now!

**tim/kel/dean/darek screamfeeder**