Screamfeeder, ruling the nation

November 11, 2003

Our video page now has Hi Cs in glorious broadband!!go to it via our site:

if you haven’t bought the album yet, track 6 “I’ve got the knife” is available from the excellent Retort Magazine at: J-FILES If you missed it on Saturday arvo, listen to the 1 hour special online.

Tim is taking the songs from the new album to South Australia this week:

  • Wed 12 Nov – The Jive Bar, Adelaide
  • Thurs 13 + Fri 14 Nov – Prince Albert, Adelaide So get along and heckle!

That’s all from us for now, see you at the bar.***tim / kellie / dean / darek SCREAMFEEDER***

We didn’t write the following stuff:

“Forget the boredom – inducing whine of Something for Kate, if you’re after guitar pop that leaves the pretension to the prima donnas look no further than singer/guitarist Tim Steward and his long serving partners in Screamfeeder” Blunt Magazine

“13 tunes-no filler and its ragged, infectious spirit evokes all kinds of glories: classic soul records, the early Who singles, the fire and fun of bands such as the Jam and the Replacements. Highlights are many but it’s hard to go past “I’ve Got The Knife’, one of the best tunes of the year, with its infectious melody and lyrics with just the right mixture of yearning, regret and hope.” Courier Mail

“Simplicity and fully formed tunes are the key ingredients, as well as lyrics which actually have something to say. Certainly few bands strike a creative high six or so albums into their, career but surely this one will win its due as one of the best Australian rock albums this year.” Courier Mail

“With attractive lyrics and placid keyboards being the main highlight, “Take You Apart” no doubt holds some of Screamfeeder’s best songs to date. Its diversity is cryptically intelligent, while Screamfeeder, as a band have refined immensely. Certainly the brightest release to come out of Brisbane this year, as you get the feeling that Screamfeeder are one of those bands who continue to get better with age.” Anemic Magazine “If ever the adage “all killer and no filler’ applied, it does with “Take You Apart’, one of the Australian albums of the year” Tsunami

“Their latest is a no-fuss, boiled-to-the-bone rock record that bristles with energy and focus, leaving plenty of space for subtle melodies, simple hooks and Tim Steward’s hope-filled voice” Rolling Stone

“Forget Jet, the Vines, even You Am I, Screamfeeder are hands down the country’s best rock band and “Take You Apart’ is all the proof you need. For real.” Time Off, Album of the Week

“This is Screamfeeder stepping back a bit and taking stock, in the process avoiding the more detailed production of their last effort and finding a sharper, simpler way of delivering their brand of indie rock. There’s a track called “I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore’ but don’t you believe it.” Rave Magazine

“The opening track “Now I Don’t Feel So Bad’ is an anthem for thirty-some-things, “I’ve Got The Knife’ is destined to become a guitar pop classic and the 60’s style ballad “You and me’ is nearly as hooky as “Hey Jude’.” Sain Magazine

Screamfeeder in da clubs

October 28, 2003

Thanks to all who came to the launch gig on the weekend at the Zoo, and thanks to all who participated – we had 17 extra singers onstage for the first ever live performance of “you and me” from the album. It rocked, and we’ll be doing it again.

J Files
Tune into the screamfeeder J files this Saturday at 5.00pm. Remember to ring up and request yr fave feeder tune. The video page is up and running with all our clips available for both dial-up and broadband connections.go see here:

Tim’s coming across for a quick solo run mid November, (see the site for details: ) and will be playing lots of songs off the new album!

We will try and bring the whole band over before the end of the year, promise.

DJ action
Tim and Kellie will both be on the wheels of steel spinning the platters that matter this weekend at Ric’s (Brisbane). Tim from 10.00pm till 0400 hours on Friday night, (Giants of Science are playing, it’s Halloween) and Kellie at the Cheeseboard on Saturday afternoon, 3-6pm.

So if you’re like us and you have fantastic musical taste, get on down.

lotsa love, from all of us, to all of you ~ *tim / dean / kellie / darek / screamfeeder *

Beaten, bruised

October 6, 2003

So, we’re back from Melbourne, beaten, bruised, and hungover. Thanks to everyone who has attended, danced, yelled, bought badges, or bought us drinks on our run of sell out shows in Victoria!

But the fun ain’t over yet, we’re off to Perth in a week. Here’s the Lowdown:

  • FRI OCT 17 – BAR 120, HILLARYS

The album will be well and truly out (7 days to go) by then and we have it for sale already on the site, and at all shows. Our Brisbane album launch is on October 24th at The Zoo, more on that

We’ve invented new “screamfeeder money denominations” on tour (the things we do eh?!) So, when we see you at the merch stand and we yell out “gimme two dolphins and a clam” you’ll know what we’re on about!

$5.00 note = a clam
$10.00 note = a dolphin
$20.00 note = a lobster
$50.00 note = a mullet
$100.00 note = a Bob Marley (started off as “a whale” – get the connection..)

Other than that, see you all at the bar. In Perth.

Tim / Kel / Dean / darek **screamfeeder**

Screamfeeder, rock for free / asking for trouble

September 21, 2003

OK so we’re so excited about the album, and we know you are too, we thought we’d just damn well give you an MP3 for the hell of it! It’s track 11, “Make Up”.Hit the site for the

Also on the site is a whole lotta great new merch, there’s shirts, and we’ve even got badges!

And we’re even doing special offers on packs of the three new singles, badges, posters, the whole lot, it’s fuckin nuts! And you can check out the new album ahead of time, all the artwork etc.

We will be getting the videos online any day now, promise. The “12345” clip was on RAGE this weekend.

Not only that but we’re coming to VICTORIA in a coupla weeks. We always love Melbourne, and in return the city is always very kind to us. Come and have fun with us!

  • Thurs 2nd Oct – National Hotel, Geelong
  • Fri 3rd Oct – The Espy, St Kilda
  • Sat 4th Oct – The Evelyn

The Geelong show is on their “student night” apparently. Now, I know as soon as that word is mentioned you’re gonna expect a whole tirade of condescension and ridicule from me. Not that I have anything against learning, education, universities or schools, quite the opposite in fact, it’s just that the students themselves seem such a pack of dopes when it comes to the appreciation of live music.

They’re regularly presented with the cream of the country’s bands, and all they can do is queue up at the bar for endless jugs of beer and roll around with sheets wrapped around them. That’s our experience anyway. Geelong, come on and prove us wrong.

Thanks to all who saw us at the Billy Bragg shows  – Billy was as nice a geezer as we expected, he had his arm around Kellie within about 3 seconds.

We’re doing a W.A / Perth run in October too, (see the site) including one Uni show. Maybe we’ll get beaten up by students somewhere along the line. Stay tuned.

In the meantime see you, amongst the togas and girls wearing their boyfriends’ football jumpers (oof, really hammering the stereotypes!) AT THE BAR!!

**tim/dean/darek/kel feeder**