Screamfeeder, alive-alive-o!

May 6, 2003

So the new album is in the can. We laid the trax to wax. We’re a walkin’ talkin’ hit factory. We write the songs, the whole world sings ’em. More cliches than you can shake a stick at, but the fact remains that OUR NEW ALBUM IS FINISHED! Details, check the site:

We’re gonna get the next single “I Don’t Know What To Do Any More” out in the next few weeks.We’re off on tour late May / early June with label pals Intercooler.

And we’re playing in Byron Bay this Friday night!It’s gonna be a kinda special show, the first gig doing a lot of the new songs in their “final” formats. So come along to the Great Northern Hotel and join in the fun.

So there I was in the studio thumbing through old Rolling Stone mags, and how many pictures were there of “the guy from lo-tel‘ were there? But how many pictures of him lugging OUR GEAR were there?? None! I’m gonna e mail R.S. some pics of the band doing our dirty work for us, making our packed lunches for the road, ironing Dean’s best trousers, taking the ham out of Kellie’s sandwiches for her, putting our forms in while we’re on tour, and helping Darek clean up after his Livid “performance”. Nice one lads.

More news coming soon, much much more news.

see you all at the bar.

*Kellie “just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re right”
*Tim: down and out but not down
*Dean: a lover not a fighter
*Darek: a farmer not a lover


How much rock can you handle?

September 1, 2003

So, when I was a kid I went to see The Ramones play in London, and I was impressed to see that they successfully managed to out-punk the large, fairly hardcore punk audience, simply by rocking on for an hour and a half or more, ’till the crowd was an exhausted mess, beaten, defeated.

Now, we’re kinda gonna attempt the same thing this Saturday night, the 6th, at Ric’s (Brisbane).

Screamfeeder will be playing the “intimate” venue (at full volume) over two sets, starting at 10.00 and 11.00pm. THEN, DJ TJ (yours truly) will take control of the decks and keep the pace crankin till dawn (5a.m.)

Can you handle it? Yeah, it’s a challenge, come on!

We’re also hitting the road this month, taking it to NSW, VIC and WA. Check the site for dates.

All systems go for the album, it’s actually gonna be a coupla weeks later than we expected, but it’s all happening. The singles are on the radio, the vids are on telly, and we’ve even been on home and away.

Now, don’t anyone be giving me static about being on the same telly show as Lo-Tel, or I’m likely to crumble into a mess of embarrassing contradictions and mumbled excuses. We figure channel 10’s money is better off in our pockets than Lo-Tel’s any day.

See you up the front,


Screamfeeder say Good On Everybody!

August 16, 2004

Our new 22 track album INTRODUCING: SCREAMFEEDER – singles and more 1992 – 2004 is out next week, and we’re off on tour to celebrate. Our good mates ELECTRICO from Singapore are schlepping all the way over here to support us on half the dates (as well as doing their own shows).

I had a word with the manager of Jacka’s out at Kedron the other night, see if I could get him to give the dude from Lo Tel (he’s moved up to Brissie to be closer to us, whaddya know?!) a few nights off work so they could fill in the missing support slots.

He said I might have to go in and do a few daytime slots myself to make up for it, so I’m trying to hook Darek (who has run off and joined Intercooler as well now, two timing little tart!) into that little number. Negotiations are still underway, so fingers crossed.

Anyway here’s how it’s looking.

  • Thurs 2 Sept MOJOS BAR – North Fremantle WA + Tucker Bs & Ikey Mo
  • Friday 3 Sept Amplifier Bar – North Perth WA + Tucker Bs & The Avenues
  • Sat 4th Sept Jive Bar, Adelaide – supports TBA
  • Sat 11th Sept Troubadour, Brisbane + The Grates + Special Branch
  • Fri 17th Sept Esplanade front bar, Melbourne + The Suits + Electrico + Cannon
  • Sat 18th Sept Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne + The Suits +Electrico
  • Thurs 23rd Sept Newcastle University with Electrico + Gerling
  • Fri 24th Sept Green Room – Canberra + Electrico
  • Sat 25th Sept Annandale Hotel, Sydney + Electrico

Plenty more info on the site.

Now onto our “good on everyone” section for this newsletter.

Good on THE WHO for rockin the house down in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.

Good on Jay from FRENZAL RHOMB for keeping his cool while stickin’ it to the man (Austereo jokers Kyle and Jackie O).  Hear the whole interview here: and read the guff here:

And good on us for being around so damn long and and putting out a crankin’ singles album eh? We even plan to play a few of the old chestnuts at some of the shows – IF you’re good, and IF you request them beforehand.

Tim and Dean’s new band THE WHATS have some shows coming up too

See you all, as always, at the bar. Here’s to another 12 years!

lotsa love
tim/kellie/dean/darek screamfeeder