Screamfeeder.. gossip..

October 24, 2001

SCREAMFEEDER will pick up their instruments and play for YOU (if you’re there) at the Healer, Brisbane, this Friday night!! I know I’ve gone on about it already, but it’s in 2 DAYS!!

You know the script, Giants of Science and Further are supporting, it’ll be a big fat night of “cruis’n” rock!! Tickets? – you’d better hope so. E mail back if yr in doubt.

We’re gonna do a mix of stuff at the show, a few new things, a new cover, some older stuff and maybe a real oldie or 2 for luck (..?!) We’ll also be selling t shirts, cds and some of our limited edition of silkscreened posters we got done just for the show, you saw em last time (or check the site – they’re very snazzy and will NOT last long. once they’re gone they’re gone, y’know? It’s the first time we’ve gotten real arty handprinted posters done. So, c’mon.

In other news, the singer from Lo-Tel is warbling on an Endorphin tune about “sex and violence” (making the world go round, apparently). I was thinking of various ways of working Alex Lloyd into the equation as well this week, just for fun like.. ooops! seems I’ve done it!! I’ll just leave it at that huh?!

  • dean * growing his hair, still (a record)
  • darek * birthday boy
  • Kellie * 2 days off work this week?
  • tim * master chef

**the feeder**

Screamfeeder, hi art.

October 29, 2001

Cheers to everyone who came to the gig, it was a good night all round! Cheers to the most excellent Further and Giants of Science, cheers to 4ZZZ, cheers to the Healer, and cheers to all the invaluable people who worked for us. NICE!

Darek’s getting his little bit of input with the site now (go on, had his new digital camera backstage (birthday present last week – he turned 21!!) and took a lot of snaps – I’m starting to get them up already, and he’s even got a poem online now. Top shelf effort, I say.

Now, we’ve got a few of those POSTERS left. The deal was this: we had a limited run of 50 silk screened, and they’re all numbered and original and all that, so be one of only 50 people in the world with ORIGINAL ‘feeder artwork on yr wall. $20.00 post-paid is a steal too, get in quick. If you haven’t seen them, check them out on the site.

Well as homebake approaches ( so therefore does the one year anniversary of our first little absent minded ribbing of one of our favourite bands, Lo-Tel. It’s been a year eh? how time flies! We haven’t even had a come-back from them, what gentlemen.

Anyway, it’s all kinda gotten to the end of its life, so we might just move our attentions on to someone on this year’s bill, someone more deserving of a bit of something other than the mass adoration they constantly receive by pretty much the whole damn country. Stay tuned.. I doubt we’re alone ..I reckon heaps of people will crawl out from under their rocks. I just gotta think of something funny (not just plain spiteful) to say. stay tuned, stay tuned.

  • *tim – is aching
  • *kellie – gutterball
  • *dean – energy man
  • *darek – the smiler

**the feeder**

Screamfeeder, we’re contagious!

November 30, 2001

Hair all greasy? feel like a slob? got nowhere to go? can’t find a job? Well, now you might be infected too. No, really! Someone sent the Screamfeeder mothership a virus, and now it’s possible we’ve sent it on to you.

These things happen I guess – (I wonder if it originated from the Lo-tel mothership?!’s not very nice, whoever did it) I’m not sure what it does apart from clog up mailboxes and generally slow things down, but anyway get your virus software updates happening and stomp on it, the name of the virus is: W32.Badtrans.13312@mmor alternatively, click on the following link for removal instructions:

It’s been brought to my attention that our last mailout from a coupla of days ago wasn’t the slightest bit funny.. sorry everyone, it won’t happen again.

A free ‘feeder cd to the first person to spot the song lyrics (and identify them, smart arse) in this message.

** the feeder**

Screamfeeder – debatin’, celebration, alienation, excitation, jamaican, rotation, ruling the nation

February 19, 2003

OK so we’re playing down the Gold Coast this Friday night, at the Troccadero, with the Devoted few (guys from old sparring partners Bluebottle Kiss). So why don’t you come along and help us settle our hot practice room debate on whether the Coast is packed with slack jawed yokels and Neanderthals or not? It should be fun, and the beer always flows freely on the coast I’m told.

We’re actually doing 2 gigs in the one night, the first being in Brisbane at QUT Gardens Point at about 8.30, with a bunch of other local bands, for their O Week celebrations. There’s another hot topic of contention you may remember from last year, Uni students.. but I should probably stop there, before I *alienate *our *entire *audience.

Hey what the fuck happened to Lo Tel by the way?? One minute they’re “minor celebrities” being seen in Bondi and in Who Magazine alike, the next thing, I saw that singer guy working at Jacka’s the other day! He ducked out the back when he saw me come in. Has the world gone crazy?!

So we’ve recorded half our new album already, and we’re “quite excited” about it so far. the songs kick ass, and Magoo has been producing like a champ. His Jamaican accent needs a bit of work though. Next session approaching soon.

We’re really looking forward to playing lots of new songs in the set, now they’re recorded it feels even better playing them live (ie we know how they go now).

And our new single Ice patrol got added to triple J rotation today. What do you mean you haven’t got it yet?? It’s on sale everywhere, including direct from us at our lovely site: http://www/

Sanity have stocked up big too, apparently.

OK it’s time for us to say: REQUEST US ON JJJ! here:
go on you know you want to.

Thanks, and see you all at the bar,

*Dean – member of the week this week, lugged all the gear by himself, twice.
*Kellie – member of the week 2 weeks ago, made the Ice Patrol video (on telly soon)
*Darek – member of the year, the president, the best looking one
*Tim –  ‘member last week?