Screamfeeder ahoy..!

August 25, 2001

At last!! we’ve gotten the web page happening again.. it was getting so cumbersome and clumsy I couldn’t really be bothered with it any more, but I got all inspired and got to work, so c’mon already, check it:

It ain’t all done, but I’ll get it all sorted bit by bit, so be patient. I’ll certainly be updating far more regularly now. We’ll have new pictures, new articles, lots of stuff.

What else.. we’re planning a BIG show in Brisbane in October, we’ll let you know as it develops..

A mate of mine went to see Planet Of The Apes the other day and didn’t think much of it. He said, and I quote: “if you wanna see monkeys, go to the zoo, or go and see Lo-Tel play“! Ooof!! that’s not very nice is it?!

  • Tim – has been playing Cluedo
  • Kellie – tidied her room!!
  • Dean – went to his school re-union
  • Darek – has been at home practicing, and growing his hair.

***the feeder***

Screamfeeder, a short e mail.

August 31, 2001

Tim plays an acoustic show at the G Spot Cafe in Spring Hill tonight (Friday) at about 8.30. Food, music, booze, what more could you want?

We wrote a new song at practice last night, it’s song number 3 in our new collection!

Dean’s got a new drum kit and he’s all awkward setting it up, he has to sit differently and stuff.

Peter, out guitar tech in Sydney keeps coming up with Lo-Tel stories but I suspect he’s fibbing. All mine have been true.

***the feeder***

Screamfeeder, it’s all happening

September 14, 2001

OK, we’ve got a special live date coming, we’ve got a new kid in the band, we’ve got plans for a new album, we’ve got photos going on left right and centre, we’ve got shirts and cds for sale, and we’ve got a new look website. If you haven’t seen it yet, or I’ve aroused yr curiosity enough, click here ~

We know we’re a very “word of mouth” type band (and wouldn’t have it any other way thank you very much) so we’re doing a bit of a recruiting drive this week too – if you know someone who’s partial to a bit of the feeder, but never seems to know the goss, or who doesn’t snicker when the word Lo-Tel is mentioned, slide us their e mail address and we’ll stick em on the list, or forward this e mail to them, or point them in the direction of the site, let them do it themselves.

A big hello to my man Fabio in Brazil this week also, he’s the strong silent leader of the feeder army in South America, he CALLED me up personally the other day to chew the fat for a while. It’s nice to know we hold the world with so many strong hands.. (ooof, that sounded a bit too fanatical..!!)

Anyway, Feeder fan of the month? I think so.

  • Tim … CNN can bite my left ass already.
  • Dean … can’t handle his mescal.
  • Kellie … the asylum seekers can go round to her house, she said so.
  • Darek … is maybe setting dean up with a date.

***the feeder***

Screamfeeder, cruisin for a bruisin..

October 12, 2001

I’m pretty excited about this show we’re doing, we’ve got some cool posters made ‘n all..

For those who ain’t aware yet – it’s gonna be our LAST show for Rocks On The Soul, and then we’re gonna really get going on the new album. Quite a few new tunes bouncing around already which feels good!

Details: The Healer, Brisbane, Friday 26th October, with supports from locals, heavy duty ROCK BAND the Giants Of Science, and on their first trip up from Sydney, FURTHER – who’ve got that angsty indie ROCK thing perfected. It’s gonna be loud alright.

You can pick up tickets from our site, or from The Healer, possibly Skinnys too. Any more details, or if yr feeling like you should be on the door for some reason (it’d better be good) get back to us.

Well I sat up all night watching the arias, clutching “teenager of the year” in my sweaty hand, but alas, Lo-Tel didn’t win an aria. But on the flipside, the singer was in WHO magazine as one of the sexiest people ever or something, so he’s gotta be pretty chuffed with that!!’s a weird world ain’t it?!!

(actually I didn’t watch much of the arias at all really, I couldn’t handle much more after superjesus..)

*Funny story, when we were recording “rocks..” Dean and Kel and I co-wrote a letter to WHO mag, along the lines of “as huge fans of THE WHO we buy your mag every week, looking for pictures of, or articles on Roger, Pete, Keith or John but alas, there’s never any mention of the band” etc etc. We got an e mail back from Barry Divola, the music guy, saying that he’d love to have some more WHO in there himself too!!   .. kinda hard seeing as they haven’t been around for over 10 years though I guess..

Checked the site?? Heaps of new photos, rare kitten licks art, and other bits and pieces. Go on..!

  • *Tim – expect solo record soon
  • *Kellie – finally succumbed to the Ben Sherman, expect some new fashion heights soon
  • *Dean – has discovered a new hairstyle, it’s long and short at the same time
  • *Darek – is still up and going for walks at 7.00 am, why?

*** the feeder