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February 26, 2001

Thank God I got my computer back in action, I was starting to go insane.OK! Cheers to all the lovely folk in Adelaide, Melbourne and even Ballarat! What a weekend!!

Mega thanks also to the wonderful H BLOCK 101 – they rock, see them if you get a chance. Talk about decent guys too, jeesh!

Guess what? we’re doing a sneak trip down to Sydney on the 9th and 10th of March!! (a week and a half away!) We’ll be playing at the Vic on the Park in Marrickville, on the Saturday night. Not sure of the supports yet, but they’ll be good ones, I know it.

*Hey, Lo-Tel have offered us their pad for the whole weekend for free!!! Cutting accom costs – I’m down with that! they’ve even promised us dinner, guitar lessons, and a large night out on the white wine!! Talk about getting the treatment. The singer dude’s gonna give me a haircut too. Either that or I’ll damn well give him one.



March 6, 2001

Ok then..

Remember we’re playing Sydney this weekend, Saturday, at Vic On The Park, with H Block 101 and another rockin outfit called Euphonic. It’ll be a large night.

We’re also doing an O WEEK bash at St John’s College (Sydney Uni) on the Friday night, with quite a few other bands. So if you wanna make it along to that one just dress up like a student, or a member of Lo-Tel, and you shouldn’t have any problems! Get back to me if yr not sure what this entails..

YOU can win 1 of 8 Stopless radio edit 1-track promo CDs as well as Rocks on the Soul postcards from Rockus Online Magazine – www.rockus.com.au

Kellie bought herself a JOYCAM on the last little run, and proceeded to take photos of everyone. You can check some of these out at: www.powerup.com.au/~timst/news.html you get to see Dean in his underpants, so it’s well worth the click!

..Coming out?? well maybe not, but he certainly looks very proud and confident!

tim/kel/dean feeder

screamfeeder at sea

April 5, 2001

Fuck, having no computer for a while sure does make us here in feederland a bit edgy.. That’s our excuse anyway. If anyone says we’ve been lazing it up with Lo-Tel in Vanuatu they’re lying (oohh, a bit more sun tan lotion please chief ..those boys are so accommodating – So I’ve heard anyway).

So, what’s happening? We’re doing 2 shows with the Mark Of Cain at Newcastle Uni on the 11th and at Macquarie Uni on the 12th. Should be a rockin good time! Also we’re doing a few shows with Not From There around Brisbane / Northern NSW soon too.

What else? Not much really. We played with Magic Dirt in Coffs Harbour, and all I can say is we ain’t going back there in a hurry. Neither are the Dirt I don’t think. Regional-schmegional.

Tim Kel Dean Mike Feeder.

more rock?

April 16, 2001

How rock was last weekend? Us and the Mark Of Cain in Sydney? A WHOLE LOT, that’s how much.

How rock is this weekend gonna be? Even more rock, that’s how much!! Screamfeeder / Not From There joint effort:

  • thurs 19th, we’ll be rocking the great northern htl, Byron Bay
  • fri 20th, rockin at the rose n crown, Gold Coast
  • sat 21st, rock city, THE ZOO, Brisbane

hope that’s rock enough for you..

(One day we’ll get to play with lo-tel, and it’ll be the Rock of fucking Gibraltar!!)We’re kinda looking for another guitar player at the moment, if you’ve got the chops and you look the part get in touch. (read=no dreadlocks down to yr arse, Dean says “NO!” – sorry!)

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