New Single / Big Launch!

May 1, 2016

It’s been almost 6 months since we released Alone In A Crowd, hard to believe. So, it’s time shove our flagpole into the ground and reclaim the territory again – with another NEW SINGLE!

We’ve been writing songs for what will shape up to be our new album, later in the year, and some of them are just too good to hold back.

So to celebrate we’re getting some of our best mates on board and having a big fat launch gig at THE ZOO on July 8th. It’s going to be a celebration of loud guitar music.. the kind we made when we were young. We rounded up the best bands we could think of to fit the bill, we think you’ll agree this is a pretty phenomenal combo.



We say: uber-grunge lords since the dawn of time, still slugging it out with low slung, low tuned guitars, churning out one bombastic wall of sludge after another. And not giving a fuck the whole way.

They say: Budd will melt your minds and save your soul from most certain commercial radio disaster with monstrous, mountain collapsing, wall of sonic face melting fuzz. In 2015 the original lineup of Budd finally released a vinyl version of YakFat – on Tym Records. The in-store launch on Aug 29th 2015 was our first assault with this original lineup in 22 years, playing our unique style of fuzz driven guitar.



We say: These kids party like it’s 1999 but they actually DO care – a lot. Killer pop melodies and great lyrics over punchy-as-hell fast punk-pop in a vaguely Descendents/NOFX model. But funner – yes! They pretty much EXPLODE live. Lead dude Matt has two leads coming out of his GUITAR, running to a guitar amp and a bass amp. They’re serious.

They say: Brisbane trio WALKEN are a three man barrage of noise consisting of Matt, Pat and Beej, who have recently dropped their new single ‘Eagle Eye’ in a sunny So-Cal meets Violent Soho meets “sh*t-I-cant-get-this-outa-my-head” combo. The super speedy riff-heavy rock number ignited renewed interest in Brisbane’s burgeoning punk rock scene and the lackadaisical yet undeniable musical talents it has recently been spawning.



We say: Angular, weird, but super melodic and realised at the same time. Echoes of your favourite 90s songs which were just your own, so not the “Teen Spirit”s but the “Silence Kit”s, or the “Used For Glue”s. Young and cool torch bearers for Indie Rock.

They say: The Bear Hunt thrive on contrast; portraying ideas of social conflict and isolation, their lyrics revolve around Gonzo and hedonistic ideas. Their sound is raw and disheveled but somehow tight, full of heroic stoner groove riffs. True garage rock mingled with the occasional touch of blues, country and psychedelia.

TICKETS HERE $18.00 +bf


Rules of Attraction

December 30, 2015

We made 2 clips for the same song, using footage from the same shoot. But – without seeing each other’s versions. V2 is coming soon – will it be similar or totally different? You’ll have to wait and see ..there’s a lot of footage to edit into 4 minutes. In the meantime enjoy: Rules Of Attraction [V1]

Alone In A Crowd

November 11, 2015

It’s been 10 years since we released our last EP, 2005’s Delusions of Grandchildren.

We’re not sure why, but it just took that long for us to decide to pick up the baton again and keep running. The main reason is that the wonderful people at Poison City Records have taken such an interest in us, and done such a great job on the back catalogue re-releases. It gave us a bit of faith again, and it feels right.

Video shot and edited by Kellie. The single will be digitally available across all platforms on November 25th.

Please enjoy our 3 new songs!

..Tim and Kellie began writing together, birthing small snippets, recording on phones and re-listening on car stereos. Over time, fully formed songs started to appear. Among them, ‘Alone In A Crowd’.

Lyrically taking shape from a conversation between Tim and Kellie, the pair drew from reflection and isolation. “It was an observation around going out. The tension and anxiety around knowing everyone in the room, but still feeling a little lost at times. It’s pretty universal, really. Nothing specific, just a rumination on how most people feel in the modern world and the anxiety around being a social creature,” Kellie explains.

‘Alone In A Crowd’ is the first new material from Screamfeeder in ten years. The single will be proudly released through Poison City, offering a taste of their forthcoming album, set for release mid-2016..

Rocks On The Soul

September 16, 2015

Poison City Records are proud to announce the vinyl re-release of Rocks On The Soul – on November 25th, the fifth instalment in their Screamfeeder re-issue series which started in 2014.

Pre-Order Rocks on the Soul Vinyl & Merch from Poison City Records here

“Whether you want the depravity of the post-punk noise, the sweetness of a soothing pop song, or something in between, on Rocks on the Soul they deliver. I’ll give this an A-“. (In Music We Trust)


Throughout the 1990’s, Australian music in the post-grunge area exploded in popularity, fuelled by the excitement of the new punk DIY ethos and the sheer excitement of independent, non-corporate bands making thrilling new sounds. Screamfeeder rode that surging wave, producing four acclaimed albums, enjoying significant airplay and touring relentlessly. Things were looking pretty good.

But by 1999 Screamfeeder found themselves backed into a corner by their American record label at the time, being legally prevented from recording a follow-up album to their 1996 smash Kitten Licks. The covers EP Home Age had filled the gap, but the band were sitting on an ever-increasing pile of diverse new songs. In the end, they found a way to opt out of the disastrous contract and arrangements were promptly made for a recording session in the winter of 2000.

The studio and producers were an odd choice, a discreet office location in Melbourne’s South Yarra owned by electronic duo The Pound System. It turned out to be perfect – Woody and The Rev could hear new potential for the band’s trademark male-female vocal interplay, sweet yet bruising guitar lines and never-sitting-still song structures. Together the team proceeded to deconstruct Screamfeeder’s approach while exploring the possibilities offered by the then- new Pro Tools digital recording platform.

It was a bold move; it would have been too easy to make ‘Kitten Licks II’, but instead the band turned a sharp corner and produced a quite-unexpected album. The songs are sprawling and hyper-melodic, layered, edited and experimented with. Vocals are lush and the melodies emphasised, drum beats are looped and hypnotic. This was the sound of a band confident enough with their songs that it didn’t matter the sonic tangents they took off on.

“…At the time, it sounded like it was too good for a band from Brisbane, which is never true — of anywhere — but that’s how Screamfeeder made me feel. I was excited by it. It was probably the last time I felt truly shocked by what a Brisbane band was capable of. Now everyone knows.” (Ian Rogers)

The album alienated some of the more change-resistant fan base, while engaging with a whole new one, who were captivated by Kellie’s epic Stopless, or the quasi space-age Above The Dove. Tim came up with the album title, a play on The Isley Bros ‘60s LP Soul on the Rocks.  Dean explored the local area and added his field recordings to some of the songs, notably If You Lived Here.

Finally released in October 2000 through Shock Records, the album was a masterful return to form, showcasing a set of songs that quite clearly raised the bar, from the first notes of masterpiece Stopless to the emotive closer, Close Again. If there’d been any doubt about the band’s ability to survive the industry travails, Rocks On The Soul proved them all wrong.

And here we are in 2015. Exactly 15 years later and Rocks On The Soul remains a pre-shoegaze-comeback gem. The songs and ideas are at once confident and assured, but never cocky, with Screamfeeder’s naiveté and wide-eyed wonder and love of the music they were creating shining through.

Rocks On The Soul / Poison City Records / November 25th 2015

Pre-Order Rocks on the Soul Vinyl & Merch from Poison City Records here

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